Frederick Fields Little Rock Discusses Race Relations and Diversity in Today’s Environment

Frederick Fields Little Rock

October 12, 2020

Race Relations Are a Major Point of Discussion Right Now and Frederick Fields Little Rock Is Here to Discuss Them

Right now, there is a flashpoint that society has reached. For the past few months, the global pandemic dominated the news. The only event that was able to push this story off the front page, even briefly, was the killing of an unarmed black man at the hands of police officers. Therefore, it is critical to highlight the role that race relations are playing in society today. Frederick Fields Little Rock is an expert on race relations and social diversity. He is here to help everyone place these events in perspective and understand how we got here and what this means for the future.

Frederick Fields Little Rock Discusses the Root of Racism in America

While racism might not be codified into our laws anymore, Frederick Fields Little Rock knows that the roots of racism in America run deep. The reality is that America was built on the backs of slaves. From 1619, which was the birth of slavery in the New World, until 1865, at the end of the Civil War, slavery was allowed. At the same time, racism did not die with the Confederacy. Frederick Fields Little Rock knows that the Jim Crow laws also played a major role in continuing racism in America. Just as racism didn’t die with the Civil War, it didn’t die with the Civil Rights Act in the 1960s either. In reality, minorities continue to be oppressed even to this day. 

Frederick Fields Little Rock Discusses the Continuing Role that Privilege Plays in Society

Frederick Fields Little Rock knows that it can be hard for people to look at how their privilege helps them navigate society. Frederick Fields Little Rock understands that white Americans don’t know what it is like to get stopped by a police officer for no reason, or to be looked at funny for driving a nice car, or to have people assume you got accepted to college purely based on race. Until people understand how privilege impacts them, it is hard to acknowledge that racism is still present.

Frederick Fields Little Rock Discusses What These Protests Mean for the Future of This Country

Frederick Fields Little Rock has noticed that these movements have taken on a global outlook, with numerous other countries taking a long, hard look at their race relations as well. Even though protests have taken place in the past, what is different about this set is that they seem to maintain their steam. Frederick Fields Little Rock believes this likely is due to the overt racism and social media, which has become apparent to not only Americans but the entire world. Whether or not these protests bring on any meaningful change is still unclear; however, one thing that is clear is that people are finally starting to pay attention.