Frederick Fields Little Rock

received a Bachelors and Masters of Science in Education from the University of Central Arkansas, and a Doctorate from Fischler School of Education and Human Services at Nova Southeastern University

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Frederick Fields Little Rock began his educational career in 1989 as an elementary school teacher. Frederick is also a former 18-year veteran principal with both elementary and middle school experience. Frederick Fields accepted a central office position as Special Assistant to the Superintendent and Senior Director of Student Services where he supervises Counseling, Nurses, Student Hearing, Alternative Learning Environment, Student Registration, Homelessness, Student Attendance, Dropout Prevention/Truancy, Care, Mental Health, Juvenile Detention Coordinator and Special Programs

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Frederick Fields Little Rock Talks About His New Book Written for Educators
February 10, 2021

Frederick Fields Little Rock Publishes Book to Bridge Divide with Parents of Recent Generations

Frederick Fields’ new book speaks to educators’ communication with the parents of recent generations. Frederick Fields Little Rock recently published a book for educators called Educator’s Strategies for Effective Relationships and Conversations with Millennial and Generation Z Parents. The book aims to help educators better connect with parents of these groups through real-life scenarios described in […]

Frederick Fields LIttle Rock
January 14, 2021

Frederick Fields Little Rock Offers Tips for Students Stuck At Home With Remote Learning

Across the country, many school districts are closed down. Indeed, CBS News reports that 40 percent of school districts haven’t had in-person teaching within the past 8 months. With that in mind, Dr. Frederick Fields Little Rock, an education expert with decades of experience in teaching and administration, is going to share some remote learning […]

January 4, 2021

Frederick Fields Little Rock on Reducing Dropout Risks

The high school dropout rate in the United States has declined a bit in recent decades but still remains a serious problem. Add in the COVID-19 pandemic and massive disruptions to the education system, there’s even a risk that the US might see an uptick in dropouts in the near future. That’s why Dr. Frederick […]

Frederick Fields LIttle Rock gives second chances to students
November 24, 2020

Frederick Fields Little Rock Provides Second Chances to Students

Student Advocacy Ensures Every Voice is Heard, According to Frederick Fields of Little Rock Many will argue that you only get one chance. However, for students who come from diverse backgrounds, one chance is not enough. Students all across the country struggle with diversity and race. Through student advocacy, students are given a second chance. […]

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